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Honey dew & caramel, juicy-sweet mouthfeel with a smooth aftertaste.

This delicious Geisha has been produced by our much loved Brol family partners located in the San Francisco El Alto region of Guatemala. It offers a unique flavour profile, unlike Geisha’s you may have experienced in the past. Expect flavours of honeydew and caramel, a juicy-sweet mouthfeel and a smooth balanced aftertaste.

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Orders received prior to 6am WST Tuesday 19 December will be roasted and shipped the same day.

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The Brol family have now been farming at San Francisco Cotzal for four generations. The fifth (and possibly the next generation) is currently 16 years old and enjoying getting to know the business. When you begin to tally up the generations and subsequent years of work involved in this outfit, the magnitude of the farm begins to make sense. The farm land covers more than 2000 hectares – and with coffee grown on over 1000 hectares, this whole operation can only be described as impressive.

This Geisha from the Brol family is a small subsidiary project to offer this variety to the specialty market. The successful production of this variety could be seen as a test case of a farmers intent, the Brol family continue to have a keen awareness of the specialty coffee industry and what it takes to produce these exotic low yielding, high input, high risk/ reward varieties.

Compared to traditional vibrant and dynamic Geisha’s, this lot offers a more balanced, refined and delicately balanced cupping profile. Expect flavours of honey dew and caramel, a juicy-sweet mouthfeel and a smooth aftertaste.

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