Orange chocolate, juicy mouthfeel with a sweet, soothing aftertaste.

Are you ready for Jaffa in your coffee? We thought so! In the Huye district of southern Rwanda there are 1,475 talented small holder farmers who have somehow captured the taste of our favourite movie going chocolate and imbued it into their coffee. Simbi is the privately owned washing station through which this coffee is wet processed and these guys are on point: they placed 7th and 9th previously in the Rwandan Cup of Excellence and the resulting brews are delicious, full of moorish choc-orange flavours, juicy mouthfeel with a sweet, soothing finish.

Additional Information

Simbi is a privately owned washing station located in the Huye district of the Southern Province of Rwanda. Established in 2013 with the construction of a 300 metric tonne cherry processing facility and a 2.8 metric tonne per hour pulping machine, it collects coffee from 1,475 small lot farmers in the surrounding areas. Using the wet fermentation method and density sorting by grading channels and water, Simbi strives for quality and as a result placed 9th in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition in it’s inaugural year. In the years following Simbi began a focus towards maintaining quality while increasing production, which resulted in an impressive 7th place in the 2015 Rwanda Cup of Excellence with a score of 88.89.

This is one of a few delicious Rwandans we’ll be featuring in our Limited Release line up in the coming weeks which we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with.

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