Tangwen, Anaerobic

Zesty blood orange, peach & strawberry.

Above the Sipi Falls of eastern Uganda, 419 smallholders are farming SL14 and SL28 coffee varieties. Ripe cherries are picked and sealed in tanks, fermenting for 60 hours in this anaerobic environment before being turned out on raised beds to finish drying as whole cherry. The results are vibrant flavours of bright blood orange, juicy stonefruit and strawberry. Five Senses is proud to share this coffee not just for its cracking cup profile, but because profits are driving important social impact initiatives in the farming community. Win win!

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Get to know: Zukuka Bora Coffee

The Zukuka Bora Coffee project was set up in 2016 to support the people of Mt Elgon in many different ways. While coffee farmers are at the heart of the project, the profits from the project are used to support their partner NGO – JENGA Community Development. JENGA have been working in the Mt Elgon area for more than 15 years, and had laid much of the groundwork for Zukuka Bora to be able to build relationships with farmers and their communities.

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