Tres Milagros, Cherry Madness

Spiced rum & glacé cherry with boozy-sweetness.

Dedicated farm stewardship and innovative, intentional processing has resulted in this flavour packed coffee from Costa Rica!

Mismanaged and neglected, it was going to take something special to save this farm. And so Tres Milagros (‘Three miracles’) was born.

Honduran agronomic engineer, Nelsyn Hernandez moved to Costa Rica’s famous Tres Rios region in 2010 to revive this 105 hectare estate. Renovating with high quality trees and nurturing the soil laid strong foundations for a collaboration with Colombian post-harvest guru, Camilo Merizalde. The unique ‘Cherry Madness’ method sees coffee harvested at specific sugar ripeness, before going through a series of whole cherry and pulped fermentation stages, soaking amongst a mixture of crushed coffee cherries and fresh water, acting as a microbial accelerant prior to drying on raised beds. A special coffee to enjoy!

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