Stewed stone-fruit, red currant with soft milk-choc body that lingers.

A close collaboration between quality focused farmers and an innovative Tanzania couple is yielding delicious results. This is not just tasty coffee though: behind it, farmers are being rewarded with specialty coffee premiums and receiving funds for critical, community-led education and health initiatives.

The rolling hills of Tanzania’s Songwe region have historically been known for untraceable, commercial coffee. In just its 5th year of operation, the partnership between Keremba and Mkunde’s Communal Shamba and the Mkulima Kwanza Co-op is changing this; lifting the co-ops’ coffee out of commodity, supporting a regional health clinic and seen a 30x increase in specialty export – including this lot. Appropriately translating as ‘Unity’, it’s safe to say the naturally processed Umoja is close to our hearts with its satisfying profile and focus on positive impact.

Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 42g
Time: 28sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $15.00


Get to know: Communal Shamba

Like every good superhero backstory, Communal Shamba came about through a chance encounter with something extraordinary. It’s 2016. Keremba Warioba and Dr Mkunde Chachage, two home-town Tanzanians who had spent the last 10 years working and studying in Melbourne, stumbled in to one of our Curated Cupping events. While their family back home grew coffee, they had virtually no coffee experience – but they had a strong passion for agriculture and social impact…

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Keremba Warioba and Dr Mkunde

Keremba Warioba & Dr Mkunde Chachage

the first ever coffee buyers Mkulima Kwanza

The first ever coffee buyers Mkulima Kwanza had ever met!

Five Senses Coffee

Kerembe at MICE sharing Communal Shamba coffee.

Five Senses Coffee

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Five Senses Coffee


Five Senses Coffee

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