Veer Attikan, BC Field

Nutmeg & rich malt, silky mouthfeel with a lingering finish.

You may recognise Veer Attikan Estate, but did you know it’s divided into over 30 distinct ‘fields’ which are kept separate throughout the entire process, all the way to the final cupping and selection? While slurping through this year’s harvest, we separated our favourite lots to highlight the distinct varietal and terroir differences from across the estate. This lot, BC (Big Clearing), is from one of the highest elevated fields mostly growing SL-795. Enjoy unique flavours of nutmeg, rich malt and a silky mouthfeel with a lingering finish.

Bonus: see this stunning estate from the air!

Additional Information

Veer Attikan estate sits on a nature reserve in the Biligiri Rangan Hills (or B.R Hills as they are more commonly known). The estate was founded some 100 years ago by early English explorers and much of the original infrastructure — like the processing mill and bungalow accommodation – are still in use today. The old estate bungalow sits on top of one of the highest peaks in the range and overlooks the breathtaking Attikan coffee estate which sprawls across 400 acres of natural rainforest. From above, you’re hard pressed to see a single coffee tree with the estate utilising much of the dense natural rainforest canopy as its shade.

The estate itself is named after this natural shade canopy — Atti (Fig) and Kan (Forest).

The Estate is divided into over 30 distinct ‘fields’ which are kept separate from each other throughout the entire post-production process all the way to the final cupping and selection procedures. This year we have picked our favourite lots to separate and highlight distinct varietal and terroir differences. Our selection cuppings on the Estate are always performed blind and, for the third year in a row, we have selected BC (Big Clearing) as our favourite amongst many. Sometimes the difference in the cup can be credited to more than just ticking the boxes of variety, elevation and processing and include such things as soil nutrients and the impact of unique micro-climates.

BC is one of the east facing slopes bordering the naturally-forested wind breaks which are scattered around the farm. This makes it a prime habitat for many of the wild elephants, Indian gaur (bison) and spotted deer which roam wild, as the dense forest provides perfect camouflage for them all. The field is predominantly made up of the SL 795 variety well known for rust resistance, high yields and a base from which high quality and desirable cupping profiles can be obtained.

Estate information

Region: The estate is located in the richly bio-diverse Biligiri Rangan Hills, 120kms south of Mysore and 250kms from Bangalore, at the confluence of the Western and Eastern Ghats in the State of Karnataka.

Acreage: The estate comprises 435 acres, of which 330 have been planted. The balance area is the wind belt area, roads, buildings etc. The estate is located in a valley. There are strong winds most of the year, so nearly 90 acres of the estate has been left covered in jungle trees to act as a wind barrier.

Shade Trees: The estate is situated in dense forest which is rich in soil, fauna and flora. The main shade tree is the atti, which is the local name for fig, from which the estate gets its name. Other shade trees include the silver oak, Jack cedar and a variety of jungle trees specific to this location, each adding a distinct feature to the shade pattern of the estate.

Animals: The estate is in the Biligiri Rangan Temple wild life sanctuary. Wild animals like elephants, bison, bears, and sambhars are regularly seen on the estate, tigers are also spotted now and then. Birds like the black eagle and kestrel are regular visitors. The estate has also been declared a tiger reserve.

Temperature: Minimum 5 degrees, maximum 28 degrees Celsius

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