Caramelised pear, rich chocolate & a clean, sweet aftertaste.

With little exposure in the Australian coffee scene, we’re excited to bring you this new coffee – the first arrival from a new relationship out of Mexico. Mexico has all the ‘goods’ to deliver exceptional coffee and the coastal state of Veracruz produces some of the best of it. We absolutely love the profile of Veracruz – think caramelised pear and rich chocolate – and believe this is the beginning of a very fruitful relationship. Lucky us!

Additional Information

These days Mexican food is all over Australia and it’s the kind of eating that brings a smile to person after person, one taco at a time. We believe the same will happen with this Mexican coffee.

Veracruz is a major port off of Mexico’s coast but is also the name of the state where numerous coffee farms rest. The seaside location along with its northern latitude has a significant influence on the profile.

In fact, the state has an array of micro climates due to its coastal territory rising into mountainous terrain.

Veracruz houses Mexico’s highest mountain, Pico de Orizaba, standing a stout 5636 masl, however most coffee collected is grown 1200 – 1600 masl.

Much of this coffee comes from small land owners, mostly under 10 hectares, who deliver to Huatasco and Coatepec collection points. Partners on the ground, Green Coffee Trading Mexico, manage the cherry purchasing and processing, then we work together to pick our lots and arrive at the milling specifications for our shipments.

The profile of this coffee is something we are very excited about. Elegant and balanced with caramelised pear and rich chocolate, it sure to make you wrap your lips around it time and time again.

Suggested Recipe

Basket: 20g VST
In: 21g
Out: 43g
Time: 27sec
Temp: 93.5°C

From: $15.00

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