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Sparkling red apple, bergamot tea with a delicate mouthfeel & finish.

Perhaps the preeminent powerhouse in producing specialty coffee in the world, it is hard not to get excited about a Kenyan coffee. This coffee, hailing from the Wamuguma Factory in the Gatundu District, is the epitome of Kenya’s excellence. Grown in mineral rich soil and processed under meticulous care, it’s undeniably delicious. You can expect sparkling red apple and bergamot tea flavours coupled with a refined mouthfeel & finish.

Additional Information

This coffee hails from the Wamuguma Coffee Factory of the Gatundu District. Local small-holder’s deliver cherry here where it is washed, dried and processed into parchment. Quite fortuitously, Wamuguma is situated next to the Rwabura river which is used to pulp and ferment the coffee.

The Wamuguma Factory, like other factories in Kenya, belong to a larger co-operative society. In this case, it is the Ritho Co-Operative Society. The Ritho Co-Operative Society was founded in the 1972 and works with a number of factories in Kenya’s Central Province.

A cool fact about the Wamuguma factory is that is named for an esteemed local dignitary named Muguma. Not too much is known about Muguma, however the story goes that he was extremely generous and relentlessness is his support of the local community.

This coffee is absolute treat. While it should be no surprised that another Kenyan coffee delivered on its esteemed reputation, this coffee is not that big jammy coffee one might expect. You can expect a more refined mouthfeel and elegant notes of red apple and bergamot.

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