Buena Vista Cascara

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A rare and delicious tea with lot’s of tart acidity, gentle mouthfeel, and apple and elderflower notes – an excellent palate cleanser!

Cascara literally translates into ‘skin’ or ‘peel’ in Spanish. When the cascara of the coffee cherry is dried carefully it can be steeped to produce an aromatic and lovely tea. This particular Cascara is from various high grown organic coffees processed at the Buena Vista mill in Caranavi, in the heart of one of Bolivia’s prime coffee-producing areas.

Bag size: 100g

Brew Guide
  1. Preheat the water to 96 degrees.
  2. Place 10 grams of cascara in 400ml of water and let steep for 6 minutes.
  3. Strain and enjoy!


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