Ruby Breakfast

Ruby red in colour, Ruby Breakfast is brisk and full-bodied with distinctly sweet vanilla and woody aromas, subtle citric acidity, and a gentle bittersweet finish.

Rise and shine with the ultimate breakfast blend made from 100% organic high-altitude pure Ceylon Tea Leaves.

A perfect morning pick-me-up, this versatile blend is delicious on its own while also being robust enough to handle milk if preferred.


  • Organic Ceylon Tea Leaves*

* Certified Organic

Preparation method

Dose: 2g per 100ml of water
Temp: 100°C
Infusion: 3-4 mins

Servings per pack

Small: approx 18 per pack
Large: approx 116 per pack

From: $18.00


About Ripple Effects Tea Co

Like Five Senses, Ripple Effect Tea Co are passionate about supporting farmers who care deeply about their crops and the environment they are grown in. The result is exquisite and tea in its truest form as nature intended: delicately crafted, vibrant and flavorsome.

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