Pullman Tamper Handles

Beautifully crafted tamper handles.

Five Senses is proud to be a distributor of Pullman tampers, which are designed and manufactured in Australia. The Pullman Tamper is an ergonomic joy with a comfortable curve running throughout all its components.

Additional Information

They are inlaid with an ergonomic rubber compression zone to maximise comfort and to minimise fatigue. The compression zone runs almost to the outer extremity of the tamper base in order to provide a wide range of grip options without compromising the operator’s tactile experience.

One of the challenges of tamping by hand is getting the tampering level just right. Each Pullman Tamper comes with engraved lines on the side of the base to make dosing and tamping consistent every time. In addition, there’s also the option to add one of the three height adjustment spacers between the base and the handle. This feature is supplied with each tamper and provides a total of four different height combinations over an 8mm range.

We stock the classic oiled hardwoods and all colours from the aluminium range with commercial 58mm flat bases.

From: $60.50

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