Pullman Tampers

Simply the best tampers on the planet.

Five Senses is proud to be a distributor of Pullman tampers, which are designed and manufactured in Australia. The Pullman Tamper is an ergonomic joy with a comfortable curve running throughout all its components. Build your very own tamper!

From: $155.65

Pullman Tamper Handles

Whether you’re looking to outfit your cafe or want a stylish option for your home espresso set-up, Pullman Tamper Handles will have you covered.

Comes with a set of 3 stackable stainless steel spaces, proving up to 15mm of height adjustment to fit different hands.

Australian Oak

Stealth Black
Argent Silver
Burgundy Red
Forest Green
Grape Purple
Cobalt Blue

Wanting to give your tamper a fresh new look? Treat your self to a schmick new handle:
Pullman Tamper Handles

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Pullman Tamper Bases

Made right here in Australia by the precision fanatics Pullman, these tamper bases and handles are the best of the best.

A precision-machined stainless steel tamper base with an ergonomic synthetic rubber compression zone for maximum comfort and to minimise high-volume fatigue.

Pullman Barista Tamper Base

Made from extremely high strength stainless steel, the BigStep has a larger diameter ‘stepped edge’ measuring in at 58.55mm (+/-0.02mm) for increase tamping surface area!

Pullman BigStep Tamper Base

Note: We recommend using a Pullman Filtration Basket with the BigStep Base as they are manually checked for diameter consistency.

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