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An extension to the KeepCup commuter range, this ‘to go’ glass vessel represents the highest aspirations for the liquid it contains.

The KeepCup Brew is a design response to the premium specialty coffee consumer. Brew is an extension to its commuter range, a ‘to go’ vessel that represents the highest aspirations for the liquid it contains. KeepCup Brew allows consumers to take the café experience with them. A vessel for people who are serious about their coffee ritual, as well as lovers of fine tea.

Additional Information

The new lid is one of the most technically difficult achievements of the Brew product, placing a hard lid over a hard cup. The new lid improves the seal and the drinking experience. It’s been a long process for KeepCup, and we’re all thrilled with the result. It meets all the core aims of the KeepCup brand; well-proportioned design, a pleasure to use, easy to clean and to carry.

Features and benefits
  • Fully tempered soda lime glass.
  • Resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. It’s not unbreakable, but you’ll have fun trying.
  • Hard lid for ease of use and drinking pleasure.
  • The hard smooth surface of the lid and enlarged drinking hole allow you fully experience the aroma and texture of your beverage. Greater angle in the lid for nose clearance and improved splash proof seal.
  • Same great recycling capacity as the original. But stay focused on use and reuse.
  • Plug covers mouthpiece when not in use, so only your lips touch the drinking surface.
The KeepCup Story

KeepCup started with a problem in a café — too many disposable cups. Every minute around the world over one million disposable cups are discarded to landfill. Existing reusables were too large to fit under the group heads of the machine and were at best utilitarian in appearance. With no options available to resell, we saw the opportunity to design and make our own. We designed and manufactured the first barista standard reusable cup. From a design market in Melbourne, to coffee shops in Reykjavik and design stores in Valparaiso in just under five years, KeepCup has had an amazing journey. It is a fantastic example of a business model that has had great commercial outcomes maintaining sustainability and reuse as its core purpose.

People purchase KeepCups because they love the way they look and feel, and continue doing so because they form a positive habit.

For many of our customers it has been the beginning of a journey to reduce the consequences of convenience behaviour. Feel good. Do good. The environmental footprint of our products is really important to us, so we were committed to local manufacture. In 2012 we opened a warehouse in the UK and in March 2013 we opened in Los Angeles. Local presence means that we can begin to tell a local story in these markets, local assembly and local printing dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of the business. We urge all to join the reuse revolution and salute the reuser. Many small acts will make a phenomenal difference. Enjoy.

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