Aeropress Brew Dice Gift Pack

You feelin’ lucky, brew?

Roll the dice, brew using the parameters shown and (probably) enjoy! The perfect kit for any Aeropress lover, try different recipes and expand your brewing horizons.

In this kit:


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Aeropress Brew Dice

Will you stumble on a surprisingly bangin’ brew recipe? #GetLucky

Each die in this set of five relates to a different aspect of an AeroPress brew recipe:

  • Ratio: the amount of coffee vs the amount of water.
  • Temperature: how hot or cool the water will be.
  • Grind size and time: grind size is hard to communicate accurately, so use this as a guide.
  • Brewing method: upright or inverted? Bloom or no bloom?
  • Stirring: how you agitate the coffee makes a big difference to the flavour.
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