Synesso Cyncra

The bedrock of the Synesso line-up, the Cynrca continues to impress today with its stability, durability and ongoing baseline improvements.

With incomparable P.I.D. controlled temperature stability and independent brew tanks, it maintains its position as the true work horse of the industry.

  • Individual brew boilers
  • Programmable temperature per group head
  • Group heads with no wear parts
  • Programmable preinfusion capability
  • Optional digital shot timers
  • Removeable heat exchangers
  • Programmable piezo hot water tap
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • Ergonomic lever-actuated steam handles
  • Synesso exclusive stainless steel steam tips
  • Auto back flush setting
  • Wired hand held display
  • Safari rack
  • Water resistant cup warming tray
  • Easily removable drain tray


Power: Single Phase
Volts: 240
Amps: 32

Brew & Steam:

Watts per Element, Steam Tank: 2000 x 2
Total Steam Element Wattage: 4000
Steam Tank Capacity: 7.7L
Watts per Element, Brew Tank: 700 x 2
Brew Tank Capacity: 1.9L x 2

Machine Dimensions:

Height: 457mm
Width: 736mm
Depth: 584mm
Machine Weight, Empty: 70kg


Power: Single Phase
Volts: 240
Amps: 40

Power: Three Phase
Volts: 240
Amps: 13 per phase

Brew & Steam:

Watts per Element, Steam Tank: 2500 x 2
Total Steam Element Wattage: 5000
Steam Tank Capacity: 12.3L
Watts per Element, Brew Tank: 700 x 3
Brew Tank Capacity: 1.9L x 3

Machine Dimensions:

Height: 457mm
Width: 1016mm
Depth: 584mm
Machine Weight, Empty: 86kg


Five Senses provides a one year parts and labour warranty and a two year parts warranty* on all Synesso machines sold in Australia. So if you have any issues with your Synesso during this period, please contact us via our contact page.

* The two year parts warranty is under the proviso that a regular preventative maintenance schedule has been maintained.

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Customisation: Powder coat

Stainless Steel doesn’t match the aesthetic of your cafe? A lick of paint does wonders!

Synesso Hydra, Apollo Cafe in West Melbourne: British racing green powder coat with stainless steel accents.

Five Senses Coffee

Apollo Cafe, VIC

Customisation: Wood Kit

Add hand crafted wood accents to the steam levers, portafilter handles and brew handles.

Synesso 4 Group Hydra, B A R R Y. in Northcote: black powder coat and wood kit.

Five Senses Coffee


Other Options

Three Phase power conversion.

RO Water filtration system.

Five Senses Coffee

RO Unit

Five Senses Coffee Five Senses Coffee


Five Senses Coffee Five Senses Coffee

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