Marco Mix

Ultimate temperature adjustability and accurate programmable portion dispense – all with a sleek and minimal above counter font.

The Mix is the next generation of water dispensing systems that connects to a 3 litre under counter boiler (UC3).

The Mix boasts ultimate temperature adjustability, accurate programmable portion dispense all with a sleek and minimal above counter font. The Mix under counter boiler has ultimate versatility and can be connected to the Mix font, or as a multi-function system: SP9 Head and Mix Font.

We all know that bench space is limited and great customer interaction invaluable: Marco’s under counter systems are designed with these realities in mind. Led by the new SP9 system (perfect for an Australian filter program!), the options range from the super precise, lab-like Uber Boiler to efficient, bulk volumes of hot H20 with the Uber Font/Ecosmart combo.

Mix (UC3) Specifications

Power: 15amp plug

Dimensions (Font): 132mm D x 38mm W x 242mm H

Dimensions (Under Counter): 385mm D x 210mm W x 440mm H

Weight: 11kgs


Immediate draw off: 3 Litres

Output per hour: 28 Litres

Cups per hour: ~156

Mix Drip Tray Specifications

Stainless steel plumbed in drip tray. Note: does not include font.

Dimensions: 170mm D x 125mm W x 35mm H

Weight: 1.5kg



Five Senses provides a one year parts and labour warranty on all Marco products sold in Australia. So if you have any issues with your Marco Mix during this period, please contact us via our contact page.

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