A Solid Foundation — Travelling in Colombia

I won’t lie – buying coffee can be fairly complicated. Sometimes I am simply astounded that the whole supply chain works and that we receive the level of quality we enjoy in Australia. Last November, I left Colombia ecstatic about the potential of our new relationship with the Primaveral Association. Up until recently everything had gone peachy. We received two shipments of the Acevedo group’s coffee and the feedback was extremely positive.

Curated Cuppings series — The Micro-Mill Revolution

Come and get a glimpse of the Micro-Mill Revolution with an outstanding line up of coffees from Costa Rica. WA – Wednesday 20 August and Vic – Friday 22 August.

Veer Attikan — the Backstory

Time flies! I can’t believe we are now into another season of new crop Attikan. My original reason for visiting India four years ago happened after a chance encounter with Sunalini in Rwanda. We naturally got chatting about her specific area of expertise, Indian coffee. Like many of us in the specialty industry, I was apprehensive about what India had to offer – and with good reason.