We Want Change – Extractions for Education

Coffee is a truly amazing beverage. Not only does it offer a broad spectrum of flavours, textures and tantalising aromas to savor, it’s also an incredible connector of humanity. Whether it’s a sleepy morning cup shared with a loved one at home, intense conversations at a café with a bestie or the collective slurp, spit and sigh of a great cupping, there’s many places where coffee is the glue of the social environment.

'We want Change' for Nanhi Kali

Being born a girl in rural India is the start of an uphill battle. Faced with a lifetime of discrimination and a lack of opportunities it would be easy to fall into a state of despair. But these girls are bravely optimistic… they just need some assistance to level the playing field a little. The people at Nanhi Kali foundation are doing just that, but they need our help.

United States of Joe

As the largest consumer of coffee worldwide, the USA has had, and continues to have, a huge influence on the direction and evolution of specialty coffee. The coffee spectrum across the United States is truly a vast landscape. While the humble, first wave, ‘Cup of Joe’ is still present in diners across the country there’s some really exciting, quality focused incarnations happening in many cities. In this month’s Curated Cupping, we bring to the table a range of coffees from different US roasters …