The Hidden Cost of Micro Lots

The world has never been so connected. Once you get past time zones, communicating across continents and oceans isn’t even a hassle. I am a perfect example of this, as I am a transplant from the States and regularly text and chat with my family back in Texas. However, to think we have the full picture of everything merely because we are now so interconnected would be a grave mistake. In fact, on my coffee travels I often think, “If only we knew.”

Travelling With Twitter — Colombia, Peru, Mexico 2014

My recent Central America trip was massive! I reunited with our Primaveral producing group in Colombia, attended a Latin America coffee conference in Mexico and participated in Cenfrocafe’s inaugural cupping competition in Peru.

Café Bü — Riding High

Situated as it is amidst Carlton North’s chimney-lined rooftops, overlooking one of the City’s busiest bike paths, it’s not hard to appreciate why Café Bü has become such an instant hit with locals and passing cyclists alike.