Vue De Monde Barista Showdown

As a specialty coffee supplier, we are often privileged to work alongside some of the most talented individuals in the hospitality industry. With that comes the opportunity to collaborate on creative projects and special events.

New Lunar landing from Acaia

With the rise of brew ratios as a cornerstone of specialty coffee preparation, so too have the tools in the barista’s arsenal evolved — and the new Acaia Lunar packs a hefty double wallop of style and substance to help hone the barista craft.

Coffee with milk: I’d like mine coffee flavoured please

These days, most baristas are accustomed to thinking about and controlling the many factors that affect an espresso’s taste. They may have also honed the art of perfectly steaming milk and be pouring beautiful designs on their drinks. Today we’ll be talking about something which is often overlooked: the amount of milk we’re mixing in to that coffee, and how it affects the strength and flavour of the coffee we drink.