Enjoy a Brew for a Brother (or a Sister)! – CafeSmart 2015

Cafes have long been more than just a place where delicious coffee is crafted – they’re also a place where people come together, a hub for the community. Some members of that community aren’t so fortunate though.

Unearthing New Coffee Gems

For our July Curated Cupping, we’re excited to showcase some delicious fresh arrivals from La Florencia Mill, Nicaragua and Finca Maputo, Ecuador in Unearthing New Coffee Gems!

Cleaning Your Brew Gear

Freshly brewed coffee is delicious, but old coffee taste is less delicious. Coffee leaves oil behind on anything touches. If left to build up, this oil will go rancid and develop a bad smell, or ‘stank’, to use the proper industry term. So, keeping your brew gear clean is pretty important. Luckily it’s pretty easy; a rinse after use goes a long way towards eradicating the problem and any long term issues can be avoided by following some simple steps.