It’s called cold brew

At this time of year, you may start noticing a few changes at your local café. As the temperature begins to increase, so too does the number of gleaming little brown glass bottles and intricate glass devices on display – which look as if they came straight out of Breaking Bad.

Visiting the Secret Garden

When contemplating a visit to somewhere called The Secret Garden, plan to be surrounded by bright coloured petals, green foliage and the aroma of fresh flowers. And if it’s The Secret Garden in South Perth, you can also expect to be greeted immediately by some very friendly and courteous staff including Nick, the barista, who is friendly, warm and eager to please with his beautifully presented coffees.

The Old Milk Bar

Once upon a time, there was a motor mechanic named Jim. Jim purchased an old milk bar in Thornbury. Eight months later, The Old Milk Bar Café opened, serving delicious coffee and food to the Thornbury and Preston locals seven days a week. This is a happy story!