Tiga Raja — A Natural Progression

One of the most satisfying things about sourcing coffee is looking for opportunities to work directly with farmers. Coffees are often sourced with little connection to the hands which have turned the soil and put real sweat and blood into their work. For some time now, we have been considering a small natural project out of Indonesia and the Tiga Raja mill.

Seasonal Coffee and Five Senses

The modern grocery store has more or less conditioned us to believe that everything is available at all times of the year. However, the idea of seasonality has recently had a renaissance during the most recent ‘food’ movements. This is due in large part to the re-birth of the idea of purchasing that which is local and in season. When we think of eating what is available locally, it becomes incredibly apparent that consumption will be based on a seasonal schedule.

Filter Coffee Renaissance for the Masses

Ten years ago, filter coffee in Australia was terrible. Defined by poor quality, stale coffee, it was prepared with little understanding of what was necessary to achieve great tasting results. Over the last decade however we’ve seen this all change.