Finding an Oasis at The Other Office

The name Nico Brutti holds a certain significance in my life. I started working for Five Senses Coffee back in 2009 and Nico was getting his first (of many) Synesso’s installed. I had seen coffee machines installed before and had helped out on a few as well, but this installation was unique in my life as I had never installed a machine from the famous Seattle manufacturer.

Coffee gets Lucky in the Fashion Zone

On any given day along the bustling Chapel Street shopping strip, you’ll see an array of beautiful, stylish folk, ducking in and out of stores sporting the latest fashion and accessories. There’s an elegant energy to the precinct and recently there’s been a re-invigoration of the surrounding backstreets with contemporary bars and restaurants popping up with some tasty offerings in the evening.

Redefining the Roles of Scales with the Acaia Pearl

Those of you who follow the specialty coffee scene online may have read some of the buzz surrounding the Acaia coffee scale recently. If not, you’re about to! The Acaia Pearl scales are an exciting new product that has the potential to significantly impact the quality and consistency of coffee programs both for café professionals and home coffee passionate.