Portrait of Guatemala resources

Our Curated Cupping series, held at both the Victoria and Western Australian Barista Academies plus one of our partnering cafes in Sydney, is an opportunity to showcase a few microlots from of our exquisite range of coffees. More so, beyond just tasting or cupping the coffees it is also an opportunity to share about relationships forged, various cultures experienced, and the nuances that these coffees represent in a tangible form.

The new 2015 NSW & ACT Coffee Champions

Two weekends ago the 6th and 7th saw an intense couple of days with top baristas from NSW and ACT coming together to showcase their skills at joint ASCA Coffee Championships. There was a great turnout and day 1 shaped up with a crazy 15 competitors!

Kalita Wave brew guide

Sometimes it seems like there’s more coffee toys than you can poke a stick at. Whenever one pops up, we put it through its paces and see what kind of deliciousness it can help us deliver. Pourover devices have been a staple in our toolkit for a while now but after some further experimentation, we’ve decided to focus on supporting scrumptious gravity fed brews from the Kalita Wave 185.