WA on display at 6000 Acres, Perth International Airport

Aahhhh. Holiday season — I feel a collective sigh of relief from you all. For many, this means down time, relaxing and recuperating from the year that was. For others, this might mean catching up with friends and family. This year, I’ll be sitting inside a tin can in the air for over 20 hours. I’m lucky that my family are pretty great. They’re nearly worth it.

What coffee craves

It shouldn’t surprise me how much water quality can affect a coffee brew, but it still does. More than a year ago, we published our first blog reviewing the findings of Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Chris Hendon; we also contributed some extra data of our own. By the end of that time, we knew definitively that not only the overall TDS, but the actual types of ions in your brew water can completely change both the solids extraction and palate of a brew.

Cultivating a Fitzroy local, De Clieu

In Melbourne’s smallest and most densely populated suburban area there are many small commercial art galleries, tonnes of live music and a bohemian café scene. When speaking to locals about Fitzroy or the lauded Gertrude Street, there is one café in particular which has become a local staple … introducing De Clieu.