Curated Cuppings Series — Behind the Backroom Door

The Backroom programme is our avenue for offering some of Five Senses’ most distinct coffees. Sourced from our travels around the world or purchased from a variety of auctions, these ‘micro-lots’ are offered as a limited release and are constantly changing.

Get Festive With Spiced Cold Brew

Aromas and flavours are powerful things. On one level they are stimuli for the senses, but on another, they spark things deep in our minds. Memories, ideas and relationships float alongside them and for many of us, the end of each year sees a unique array of foods and drinks spiced and flavoured in a way that clearly shouts ‘Holiday Time!’. And so, to celebrate this time of family, friends and sensory delights, have fun playing with our Spiced Cold Brew recipe below – a great, super easy way to get the day started as the weather warms up.

Resources from the 'Portrait of Guatemala' cupping

Our Curated Cupping series, held at both the Victoria and Western Australian Barista Academies plus one of our partnering cafes in Sydney, is an opportunity to showcase a few microlots from of our exquisite range of coffees. More so, beyond just tasting or cupping the coffees it is also an opportunity to share about relationships forged, various cultures experienced, and the nuances that these coffees represent in a tangible form.