About Us

Since it was first established in 2000, Five Senses Coffee has redefined what it means to be a wholesale roaster. We are dedicated to sourcing spectacular seasonal coffee from all around the world, roasting it with skill and passion and delivering it to you with all the support, equipment and expertise you need to provide your customers with an unparalleled experience in the cup. As a specialist wholesale roaster, this is all that we do — and we do it really well.

We are a family owned company that started as a single roasting site in Rockingham, Western Australia but have since grown to be a coffee roasting company with roasting operations and supporting infrastructure on both sides of the country. Our journey has been relatively short but how we are defined now bears testimony to our history — one filled with youthfulness exuberance and an unashamed desire to raise consciousness about specialty coffee.

And push the envelope we have, and we continue to do.

We believe that forging great relationships with others has contributed hugely to our ability to pioneer new thinking and ultimately deliver worlds best practice and product to you our customers.

Our Coffee: We have a dedicated green bean buying and quality assurance team that is building direct relationships with coffee producers around the world. These relationships provide both the grower and buyer (us) surety in the long term, allowing us to invest in them thus enabling them to produce better coffee and be rewarded more equitably for their efforts.

Our Equipment: We have relationships with manufacturers that run far deeper than a typical vendor/supplier relationship. Synesso, Marco (Uber Project) and Giesen are all companies that value our participation in the development of products designed specifically for you.

Our Support: Five Senses values ongoing learning and will travel anywhere if it means we have the opportunity to learn something new or share something that we know. Our people actively participate in ASCAA events and at World Coffee Events such as the World Barista Championship as judges. We also partner with the Australian Barista Academy as means of formally sharing what we know with you.

We’re not walking the journey alone and neither should you.

Five Senses provides it’s customers with access to a whole suite of expert support and excellent products. Just as we lean on others to lend us support we believe you should be able to aswell.

While wholesale coffee is our core business, we also have an award winning website for our domestic customers. You can expect to see a wide variety of coffees, from exclusive seasonal origins, limited reserves and a unique range of blends for a fantastic coffee experience at home. And coffee is not all, we also sell espresso machines, grinders and all associated products delivered direct to your door. And just like the exceptional service our cafes receive, we only roast our coffee fresh to order, so you are guaranteed you’ll be pouring your coffee into your grinder only days after roasting. Visit the Shop to start your Five Senses journey today.