Experimenting with the Über Boiler

By Dean Gallagher on Wednesday, 24 March 2010 at 2:26 pm | Product News

If you’ve been intently following the glorious revival of brewed coffee, you?ll be excited about the Über Boiler, which has just landed in our cupping lab. Our trusty captain, Dean, has the details…

I can think of lots of words and phrases that sound really clichéd when I utter them, but I’m going to say them anyway — simply because, despite being clichés, they say what I want to say just so well.

Here goes. ‘The Über Boiler has finally arrived — and so the picture is now complete.’

Brewed coffee is acknowledged as one of the best ways to represent the subtleties and flavour characteristics of all the new world coffees (read ‘specialty coffee’). A brewing system that allows the full potential of a coffee to be realised has been one of the elusive Holy Grails of our industry — at least until now.

I use the word ‘system’ quite deliberately. To date, the coffee community has pieced together bits and bobs in an effort to create an efficient and effective brewing system. There is no doubt that some are efficient — like a kettle (with very little temperature control or consistency), scales, deli grinder, timer and Clever Coffee Dripper. Some are effective — like a syphon (which produces beautiful results but is a fragile bit of kit and very labour intensive), scales and deli grinder. But there hasn’t been anything out there that has been able to deliver excellent, consistent brewed coffee with any form of practical speed.

The Über Boiler is a bundled together, all in one, exacting and controllable hot water dispenser, scale and timer. It becomes a foundational piece of equipment for any barista wanting to do brewed coffee seriously. Add to this Clever Coffee Drippers, a good deli grinder, correctly roasted and selected coffees and you have all you need to run a viable brewed programme within a commercial environment.

Importantly, we have a direct relationship with the manufacturers and together, we are very keen for the Über Boiler to become increasingly more relevant to the barista community, meaning that the machine will be well supported and feedback will be taken on board.

We have the first boiler out and our tech team and coffee nerds are playing around with it. We anticipate that we will have our heads around the Über Boiler by the end of this month (March) and will start officially taking orders on the 1st of April. It’s early days, but still very exciting times. Watch this space for more information on the Über as it comes to hand.