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Our range of coffee and coffee blends have been sourced, created, and roasted with much deliberation. Our line up is highly comprehensive demonstrating a wide range of the beauty, seasonality, and flavour found in coffee.


Crompton Road Blend

Rich flavours, balanced and heavy-bodied.
Veer Attikan – India
Alice Estate – Brazil


Dark Horse Blend

Complex character, intense and full-bodied.
La Florencia – Nicaragua
YirgZero – Ethiopia
Tiga Raja – Sumatra


Harvest Blend

Clean, elegant acidity and sweet finish.
San Lorenzo – Costa Rica
Acacia Hills Estate – Tanzania


Tightrope Blend

Sweet fragrance, juicy and fruit forward.
Ardi Sidama – Ethiopia
Alice Estate – Brazil


Acacia Hills Estate, Tanzania

Butterscotch aroma, blood orange and cola flavour, juicy body with crisp acidity and a saturated finish.


Alice Estate, Brazil

Sweet nut and milk chocolate flavours, syrupy smooth with a quiet herbal complexity and a coating, long lasting finish.

Ardi filter %282%29

Ardi, Ethiopia

Exaggerated fruit tones, blueberry, cherry, orange, floral, dark chocolate, lingering aftertaste.

Gondo filter

Gondo AA, Kenya

Red currant and cola flavours with a juicy body and sparkling, key lime acidity.

La florencia

La Florencia, Nicaragua

Candied cherry and chocolate aroma, red currant, bergamot & dark chocolate flavours, weighty body, structured acidity and syrupy finish.

Minor yellow fr

Minor Esquival {Yellow Honey}, Costa Rica

Nougat aroma, panela, honey and toasted hazelnut flavours, gentle acidity with a creamy mouthfeel and elegant balance.

San lor

San Lorenzo, Community Coffees of Costa Rica

Biscuit and sweet malt aroma, brown sugar, gently layered herbal complexity and a saturated silky aftertaste.


Tiga Raja Simalungun, Sumatra

Juicy-rich molasses body, orange rind, dark chocolate and cocoa bitters, pepper with a long saturated finish.

Veer logo 400

Veer Attikan, India

Rich, warming aroma with dark fruits, bakers chocolate and dried tobacco flavours, heavy-toned acidity, and a lingering weighty mouthfeel.

Yirgz filter

YirgZero, Ethiopia

Tropical fruit aroma, lime and tangerine flavours, juicy with a short, clean aftertaste.


Decaf Primaveral, Colombia

Fresh cut pine and sweet bread aroma, milk chocolate and round dark fruit flavours with a smooth lasting finish.

Clean skin

Cleanskin Blend

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