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Our range of coffee and coffee blends have been sourced, created, and roasted with much deliberation. Our line up is highly comprehensive demonstrating a wide range of the beauty, seasonality, and flavour found in coffee.


Crompton Road Blend

Rich flavours, balanced and heavy-bodied.
Veer Attikan – India
Alice Estate – Brazil


Dark Horse Blend

Complex character, intense and full-bodied.
La Florencia – Nicaragua
YirgZero – Ethiopia


Harvest Blend

Clean, elegant acidity and sweet finish.
San Lorenzo – Costa Rica
La Florencia – Nicaragua


Tightrope Blend

Sweet fragrance, juicy and fruit forward.
Ardi Sidama – Ethiopia
Alice Estate – Brazil

Adado %28fr%29

Adado, Ethiopia

Beautiful tropical fruit aroma with intriguing layers of jasmine, key lime and guava flavours enveloped with a silky chocolate body.


Alice Estate, Brazil

Sweet nut and milk chocolate flavours, syrupy smooth with a quiet herbal complexity and a coating, long lasting finish.

Ardi filter %282%29

Ardi, Ethiopia

Exaggerated fruit tones, blueberry, cherry, orange, floral, dark chocolate, lingering aftertaste.

Gondo filter

Gondo AA, Kenya

Red currant and cola flavours with a juicy body and sparkling, key lime acidity.

La florencia

La Florencia, Nicaragua

Candied cherry and chocolate aroma, red currant, bergamot & dark chocolate flavours, weighty body, structured acidity and syrupy finish.

San lor

San Lorenzo, Community Coffees of Costa Rica

Biscuit and sweet malt aroma, brown sugar, gently layered herbal complexity and a saturated silky aftertaste.

Veer logo 400

Veer Attikan, India

Rich, warming aroma with dark fruits, bakers chocolate and dried tobacco flavours, heavy-toned acidity, and a lingering weighty mouthfeel.

Yirgz filter

YirgZero, Ethiopia

Tropical fruit aroma, lime and tangerine flavours, juicy with a short, clean aftertaste.


Decaf Primaveral, Colombia

Fresh cut pine and sweet bread aroma, milk chocolate and round dark fruit flavours with a smooth lasting finish.

Clean skin

Cleanskin Blend

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