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In our journey to bring delicious coffee to life, we come across a range of opportunities that grab at our heart strings and offer us the chance to reach out and impact people positively.

After years of direct trade sourcing, we’ve developed some incredible relationships and been offered a unique insight into the lives of many of our partners at origin. But it’s not just supplying countries the coffee chain touches, so we also believe in supporting local grassroots initiatives in our own backyard – Australia.

Take a quick look at some of the projects below; some might even be in your local area!

Five Senses Coffee

Underground Collaborative


The Underground Collaborative strive to break the cycle of homelessness by finding employment and housing solutions. We are stoked to be a part of their Ground + Co project – a café in Perth’s CBD that will train and employ marginalised individuals, giving them at least 6 months experience to help them to improve their circumstances through both employment and, perhaps more importantly, community involvement.

How we help: Five Senses provides cost-price coffee and free barista training to provide experience and skills.
Five Senses Coffee

Esther Cafe


Esther Café in Kalamunda is a social enterprise that is run by Esther Foundation, with 100% of its profits go directly back into the foundation. The Esther Foundation empowers at risk young women with skills that they will use not only to gain employment but also to thrive – including a Certificate 3 in hospitality during their time in the cafe.

How we help: Five Senses donates all coffee the Esther Cafe uses as well as free barista training for the girls involved.
Five Senses Coffee



We’re excited to be partnering with Scarf; the crew who are providing hospo mentoring for young folks facing barriers to work. We’ve collaborated with them to expand the coffee element in their 10 week program by running free, dedicated courses at the trainees at our Melbourne Barista Academy.

Whether coming from a refugee background, awaiting asylum or due to other constraints, cracking into the employment scene can be challenging. The focused, hands-on 10 week programs run by Scarf act as a launchpad for skills, confidence and community. In collaboration with some of the most respected restaurant, bar and café professionals around Melbourne, trainees are offered real world experience with amazing mentors by their side: they’re paid, valued and become part of a supportive learning community. To date, Scarf has offered a total of 232 trainee positions, provided $7260 of paid work experience and provided 14,790 hours of incredible hands-on training.

Hospitality upskilling + helping people get a leg up? Sign us up, we said!

Check out more about Scarf in the link below and support their efforts by joining one of their Dinners, staffed by program trainees!
Five Senses Coffee

Frankston North Community Centre's Youth Cafe


The Youth Café is a local council initiative to provide hospitality training for groups of local students each term that can assist them in finding avenues for employment and provide positive experience they may otherwise not be afforded.

How we help: provide dedicated barista training classes as well as experience in other aspects of the coffee industry – from roasting to the greater hospitality field.

We’ve been thrilled to feed their curiosity and exemplify what positive hospitality can feel like. Whether holding green coffee beans to smelling the oh-so-beautiful sugar browning process in the roaster; learning that slurping is not rude on the cupping table and how to prepare delicious espresso on commercial equipment; teaching the principles of hospitality and the art of penning a strong resume; it’s a privilege to see these young legends jump right in. Each time we can’t hide our passion for what we do, but they haven’t been scared off yet! Another nice reminder of coffee’s great potential to impact people positively right on through this deep supply chain.
Five Senses Coffee

Hale School - Open Early for a Cause


Each year, a group of Hale year 11 students raise money for Nulsen Charity after learning skills at our Barista Academy and partnering with a local cafe.

The first step is for the students to attend an evening class at the Five Senses Barista Academy where they get some hands-on training in how to prepare and serve espresso coffee. After their initial training at the Academy, the students are then sent off to Scope café in Floreat where, once a week for two months, the students are given the management of the café. As the name suggests, they aren’t there for the entire day: they have the run of the café from between 6:00am — 7:30am before being rushed off back to school.

All the money that is made during the hours that the students work goes towards supporting Nulsen Charity, a charity which provides services and support for people with a range of disabilities.