Moccamaster Classic

A beautiful little home batch brewer with chic retro styling and small footprint for any home of office.

Available in 14 colours, the Moccamaster Classic allows you to brew up 1.25 litres of coffee that will remain hot for about an hour for you and your friends to grab and go.

You’ll also need some filter papers to get started: Size #4 Filter Papers

  • 5-6 minutes brews
  • Hot plate for keeping brews warm
  • Aluminium housing
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Copper boiling element with double safety guard
  • Automatically switches off power to the boiling element when water reservoir is empty
  • Automatically switches off hotplate after 40 minutes
  • Mixing lid for a homogenous brew
  • 9 hole spray head for efficient wetting of the coffee grounds
  • Two temperature settings on hot plate
  • Dimensions 325mm(W) x 170mm(D) x 355mm(H)
Brew Guide

Ingredients & Targets

  • 30g of filter roast coffee
  • 500g (or ml) or filtered water
  • OR adjust these numbers to a coffee brew ratio of 16.7: 1 (brew water : coffee)



  1. Insert filter paper into Moccamaster and position the carafe so the safety switch is compressed.
  2. Rinse filter paper by turning it on and popping about 200ml of water into the reservoir. Let it heat and run through a cycle. Water will run through your basket wetting your empty filter paper. This also gives the bonus of pre-heating the brewer in advance.
  3. Grind 30g of coffee at a medium coarseness.
  4. Pop the coffee into the filter basket and shake it until you have a nice flat coffee bed.
  5. Ensure the drip stop lever on the basket is in the top open position.
  6. Flick that ‘on’ switch and watch the magic happen.
  7. Once the coffee is wet, take a spoon or stirrer and use it to mix the coffee grinds and water – this helps your coffee to extract evenly, so it will taste it’s most delicious!
  8. Once that coffee is a done brewing, taste! At this point you should have a little think to yourself – does your coffee taste sour, bitter or just right? If it’s sour, you’ll need to make your grind a bit finer for next time. If it’s tasting bitter then go coarser.
  9. If perfect, sit back, relax and sip your deliciously brewed coffee.

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Five Senses provides a one year parts and labour warranty on all Moccamaster brewers sold in Australia. So if you have any issues with your Moccamaster during this period, please contact us via our contact page.


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