AeroPress Go

A smaller, even more portable version of the cult classic Aeropress brewer!

Everyone’s favourite travel brewer has been tweaked to handle any challenges you might face brewing coffee on the go! Consistently delicious coffee with easy clean up is simple with the Aeropress GO. Everything you need for brewing, brew device, filter papers, scoop and stirrer, all fit neatly in the handy little mug which is then topped off with a silicone lid to keep it all in place. Just add coffee and hot water!

What's in the box
  • Aeropress
  • stirrer
  • filter paper holder
  • mug
  • measuring scoop
  • silicone lid
  • 350 micro-filters
Product Specifications

Brew capacity: 237ml

Packed up dimensions: H 140mm x W 100mm x D 100mm

Total weight: 326g

Scoop capacity: ~14g

Travel mug capacity: 444ml


$49.50 $44.55

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