Lot #9 Mutawasat Community

Juicy black cherry & rich dried orange, balanced against crisp honeydew, hints of nutmeg & a silky dark chocolate body. A distinctive cup from the birthplace of coffee culture!

Rediscovering the heritage of Yemeni coffee!

We’re stoked to bring you this coffee – an extremely small lot representing the first ever discovery of a new genetic coffee group out of Yemen where small holder farmers have been cultivating coffee for centuries. Amongst the remote Jabal Haraz mountain range in western Yemen, smallholder farmers inherit their land at a young age and for many, coffee is their only source of income. The discovery of the new, Yemenia Genetic group – likened to Gesha – and an ensuing international auction run by Qima Coffee and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence has offered a vision for a better future and delicious new coffee for us! 55 members of the Mutawasat Community bring together their ripe cherries of this newly discovered Yemenia group and process them naturally for this lot which placed 9th in the Yemen Coffee Auction 2020. The result is an intriguing medley of flavours – juicy black cherry and rich dried orange are balanced against crisp honeydew, hints of nutmeg and a silky dark chocolate body.

A distinctive cup from the birthplace of coffee culture!

Roast note: The coffee will be roasted for filter only and sent in a special 150g cannister. Our pre-sale is open until 9am AWST, Tuesday 23th February 2021. The coffee will then be roasted and shipped out on Wednesday 24th.

Delivery note: As this is a pre-order, you cannot check out with other items in your cart. We cannot guarantee deliver dates, but we do ship express air on all these coffees and currently most areas in Australia are receiving within 2-3 business days.

Discount note: No coffee discounts apply to this product.

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Interview with Qima

For a great insight into the project that brought this coffee to life, check out this short interview between James Hoffman and Faris Sheibani of Qima Coffee.

New Yemen genetic group discovered

Seeing the potential for coffee to provide much needed income to his native area, Faris Sheibani of Qima Coffee partnered with Dr. Christophe Montagnon of RD2 Vision to spearhead research to map the genetics of the coffee that has been cultivated on the terraced hills of Yemen for centuries. The results identified an entirely new genetic ‘mother’ group – Yemenia – and the results in the cup were excellent!

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