El Recuerdo

Cocoa nibs & salted honey with a smooth body & lingering finish.

As the former president of the Primaveral Association, we have known Elias Roa for some time. His ongoing desire to encourage the Primaveral group to be competitive and his clear focus on quality has always been admirable. When the opportunity arose to work directly with Elias and his family, we were honoured and eager to make the most of it. Elias’ farm is outside Acevedo and we have purchased all the lots from his farm which scored above an 83. We negotiated directly with Elias to ensure he received a price that was both good for his family and good for Five Senses. Expect flavours of cocoa nibs and salted honey with a smooth body and lingering finish.

Additional Information

Southern Huila, and particularly the land around Acevedo, is a gem. I am sure I am not the only one who believes this, but I love the coffee that comes from this area. Five Senses’ work here began several years back when the Primaveral Association was looking for a new partner. Café Imports had been discussing possible paths forward and after our successful partnership with a neighbouring association, Los Naranjos, they introduced us to each other. From there on, all three parties entered into what would be a very successful relationship for the next few years.

About this time, I got to know Elias Roa. Some of you might know him from his acclaimed farm, Finca Timana, which he has been working on alongside Tim Wendlebow. As the former president of Primaveral, Elias was very active in the group, consistently displaying a genuine desire to encourage the Association to be competitive; he is a clear leader. Having toured his farms over the years, I have developed great admiration for Elias as a farmer. His farms display healthy trees, great processing procedures, year on year improvements and a highly developed sense of organization.

Late last year, we started discussing the possibility of bringing his coffees to Australia. After spending several days with his family while cupping the harvest, it became clear that we wanted to move forward with buying this coffee. Pricing negotiations are always tricky, but after a bit of back and forth and help from our importing partners at Cofinet, we finalized the deal. I am proud to say that we paid above the premiums he would have received if he had delivered his coffee to the local associations or exporters. We are thrilled to have El Recuerdo in our line-up and to share with you the great work of Elias Roa and his family. Enjoy!


Suggested Recipe

Basket: 19-22g
Temp: 94.5°C

In: 21.5g
Out: 44g
Time: 27sec

From: $15.00

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