Finca El Tanque

Beautifully balanced praline sweetness, creamy with juicy dark fruits.

Out of the remote western Guatemalan region of Huehuetenango, Finca El Tanque is a delicious example of why these iconic highlands are one of the most celebrated origins in the world. Wilian Carillo inherited the 13hectares of Finca El Tanque from his parents and, over the past few years, has been enthusiastically attending trainings and applying innovation to convert his farm to specialty coffee. Established with some great varieties and impressive elevation, Finca El Tanque was perfectly suited to this mission and we’re excited to share Wilian’s results! In the cup you’ll find a beautifully balanced praline sweetness with creamy body and swirls of juicy dark fruits.

From the Farmer

As mentioned above, Wilian and his family have only recently begun to transition their production from commodity to specialty coffee. The support and education provided by Primavera has been key to helping Wilian achieve such a rapid realisation of his goals (and delivery of such tasty coffee to us!).

Wilian reflects on his journey:

“My entire family is dedicated to farming coffee, but three years ago we realized that they were focused on growing low-quality coffees, meaning that our prices were low and we were earning very little profit. Seeing this problem, I began to innovate and attend trainings to learn more about focusing on quality coffee. This new experience has helped us as a family, which is why we’re enthusiastic about improving our quality.”

COVID Farmer Relief Fund

Embedded in the Guatemalan producing community, Primavera have been closely aware of the challenges posed by COVID and have launched a Farmer Relief Fund, raising money to donate food parcels for affected families. Check out this awesome initiative and send some money in support.

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Suggested Recipe

In: 21.5g
Out: 44g
Time: 26sec
Temp: 94.5°C

From: $17.00


Get to know: Primavera Coffee

Founded by 4th generation coffee grower, Nadine Rasch, Primavera is pairing their detailed expertise of Guatemalan coffee with a rigorous approach to transparency to help farmers achieve the best price possible for their delicious coffees. We’re proud to stand alongside them as participants in the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide.

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