Karadykan, Red Honey

Cranberry, raspberry reduction with bitter-sweet dark choc.

Our nine year, direct trade relationship with Sangameshwar Estates has delivered many delicious coffees including this fresh offering. Surrounded by nature reserves, Karadykan estate is divided into individual blocks, each planted with a range of varieties. The relatively low Indian altitudes have been paired with attentive farming practices treating each parcel of land and its ripe fruit separately. The red honey process, leaving some fruit pulp on the drying cherries, offers an intriguing combo of rich/tart chocolate and cranberry dusted with hints of peppery spice. Enjoy!

From: $17.00
Filter & Espresso available!


Get to know: Sangameshwar Coffee

Our relationship with Sangameshwar Coffee Estate dates all the way back in 2012! Sangameshwar owns and operates four different farms from different regions of India allowing for a very diverse offering list and range of coffee types; ranging from quality, variety and processing. While we predominately buy from Veer Attikan Estate, other farms from this long-standing relationship also feature in our line-up and are chosen seasonally on a quality basis.

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Bird's eye view of Karadykhan Estate

Ariel view of Karadykan Estates

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