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Oreti Estate

Concentrated flavours of raspberry & aniseed, juicy body with an intense-lingering finish.

It only takes a couple of minutes of chatting with Boyce Harries, caretaker of the family-owned Oreti Estate, to realise that he is a consummate coffee professional. Everything on his farm – from the choice of nutrients to their pruning techniques, from the distance between trees when they are planted to the range of varietals being planted – happens intentionally. Hearing then that he is still planting the SL14 varietal was a clear indication that these trees really are special. The precursor to SL28 and SL32, this varietal has largely found disfavour because of its susceptibility to disease; however, this is a real shame because the resulting coffee is highly sweet with a deep, stewed fruit flavour. After just one taste, I am sure you will agree.

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