Tade GG Estate

Roasted peach, juicy apricot with an overlay of rich honey.

While many excellent coffees from Ethiopia are from smallholder farmers, Tade GG is unique: owned and run by a single owner – Tesfaye Bekele. Passionate about building his coffee skills, Tesfaye travelled extensively through Central and South America. His passion has paid off with recent awards in the Ethiopian Cup of Excellence. While not an auction lot, this washed parcel is a beautiful example of the consistently delicious results Tesfaye is drawing from the volcanic soils and high altitudes of his farm in the Guji region.

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This coffee is grown in the Oromia region, one of Ethiopia’s largest specialty coffee growing producers. Specifically, the farm is in Shakisso (Guji zone), which is in the Southern part of Oromia.

Shakisso, Guji is a private farm owned by a gentleman named Tesfaye Bekele.

The farm is 221 hectares in area and lies between 1,830 and 1,950 meters above sea level. The landscape is characterised by sharp and rugged hills, ridges, plateaus, valleys and flats creating stunningly dramatic setting. The regions’ volcanic soil is bursting with nutrients, creating a deep red and brown top-layer of soil, while the regions high altitude and dry weather allow for the cherries to develop very slowly.

At the farms’ washing station, the coffee is pulped with an Agared machine (a pulper that has no mucilage remover). Depending on the climate, the coffee beans are fermented for about 35-48 hours in fermentation tanks. The coffee is then washed and dried in parchment for 9-15 days on elevated drying beds.

The result of this small farmer’s expertise and the natural terroir of this region is a beautiful regional representation from Guji! Expect guava & tropical fruits, trademark Guji juiciness/creamy texture and a stick mouthfeel that lingers. Enjoy!

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In: 21.5g
Out: 46g
Time: 31sec
Temp: 95°C

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