Cascara Tea – Santa Emilia, El Salvador

Syrupy sweet peach and nectarine with a salted caramel finish.

Cascara literally translates into ‘skin’ or ‘peel’ in Spanish. When the cascara of the coffee cherry is dried carefully it can be steeped to produce an aromatic and lovely tea.

This cascara is grown by the environmentally conscious fourth generation of the Homberger family, on their Santa Emilia farm in El Salvador. The Homberger family has found a way to use less water than is traditionally required for this process, producing a soft, sweet, and complex flavour.

Size: 125g

Origin Info

Origin Country: El Salvador
Producer: Hans Homberger
Altitude: 900-1800 MASL
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Natural

Brew Guide
  1. Weigh 10gr Cascara per 300ml water into your teapot.
  2. Add 300g of 96deg C water (2mins off the boil) to the Cascara
  3. Steep for 4-10mins (weaker to stronger)
  4. Strain, serve and enjoy!


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We rarely stop to ask ourselves what ever happened to that luscious outer cherry that encases the precious coffee seeds. Where does it go? Is it edible? Does it taste like a cherry? Well it’s time we shine a light on cascara, the often photographed and rarely consumed by-product of our favourite daily beverage.

Read on for several ways of brewing cascara, as well as some more adventurous soda and sourdough uses for these currant-like little gems!

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