Expobar Barista Minore IV

A dual boiler domestic machine designed for the astute barista.

The Expobar is a dual boiler domestic machine designed for the astute barista wanting to experiment on the effects of brewing temperatures on your favourite coffee. The user friendly controls and dedicated brew boiler allows you to adjust the temperatures easily and fine tune your extractions to suit the roast level and flavor characteristics of your chosen beans.

Additional Information

Each boiler is 1500ml in capacity with it’s own 2000watt element meaning it is the largest ‘boiler capacity to element wattage’ in its class, what does this mean, steam, steam, steam, and a quick heat up time. Both boilers are insulated to help reduce heat loss. Boiler construction is of copper and brass which has been proven for its reliability, strength and durability. One boiler is designated for steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water entering the brew boiler via a heat exchanger so as to keep the brew boiler temp stable. This is known as the steam boiler and it’s controlled by a pressure stat that can be adjusted up to 1.4 bar steam pressure for more steam velocity. The brew boiler is dedicated for maintaining the perfect temp of water for the extraction of coffee via the group head. It does this with its PID temp controller which can be set very easily to the desired extraction temp for the blend of coffee you are using. The PID controller minimises the temp swing by pulsing the brew boiler element to maintain the set temperature. The machine comes standard with a vibrating pump and is fitted with a pump pressure regulator which is adjustable externally to maximise your control over the extraction pressure. Two taps one for hot water to make tea and one for steam which has a double insulated (or cooltouch) steam arm. The body is made of 2mm thick stainless steel for strength and to assist temperature stability with it’s thermal mass. Large drip tray so you don’t have to empty it all the time. The water reservoir has a capacity of 2750mls. Steam pressure gauge and pump pressure gauge. Minore IV has a new main switch which fits more to the styling and era of the lever groups and has smaller feet to give it a lower profile.


Specifications & Features

Expobar Minore Specifications
Functionality: Semi Automatic Control
Power: Single Phase
Maximum Installed Power: 10 amps
Boiler Size: 1.5 + 1.5ltr
Boiler Composition: 99.9% Pure Copper
Automatic Boiler Filling: Yes
Manual Boiler Filling: No
Water Reservoir: 2.750ltrs
Heating Element Power: 2 x 2000 watts
Hot Water Outlets: 1
Steam Outlets: 1
Steam Pressure Gauge: Yes
Inbuilt Pump Type: Vibration
Standards Compliance: CE
Product Dimensions (mm): 260W x 440D x 400H
Product (Net) Weight: 30Kg
Shipping Dimensions (mm): 345W x 530D x 490H
Shipping (In Carton) Weight: 34Kg


Five Senses provides a one year parts and labour warranty on all domestic Expobar Minore machines sold in Australia. So if you have any issues with your Expobar during this period, please contact us via our contact page.


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