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$1 from every bag of coffee sold in Jan is going to Bushfire relief. More Info

But please note, couriers are also affected and there are slight delays in delivery times. Please be patient – packages will be delivered as soon as safely possible.

Synesso Baskets

You can finally buy Synesso Baskets.

A very common question that is asked of us is “can we buy Synesso baskets?”. Well now — the answer is yes. Synesso is by far the most exciting and versatile espresso machine on the market today. Its reputation for quality is creating a high demand for its parts, all over the world. We would like to offer professionals and home barista enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase Synesso baskets.

Specifications & Features

We stock a standard 14 gram double ridgeless basket, 18 gram triple ridgeless basket and 21 gram triple ridged basket.

Please note: we cannot guarantee that the Synesso baskets will fit your portafilter handle.

From: $19.80

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