1Zpresso Q2 Hand Grinder

Light and compact, this travel-sized hand grinder allows you to enjoy great coffee wherever you go!

With 38mm stainless steel burrs and precise internal numerical grind size adjustment, this grinder allows for a high quality brewing experience – anywhere!

Best for: Filter Brewing

Specifications & Features

Burrs: 38mm Stainless Steel
Adjustment type: bottom numerical indicator, with 30 clicks / steps.
Step size: ~25 microns
Dimensions: 138mm height x 120mm width (handle) x 46mm width (body)
Weight: 385g
Grounds capacity: 15g – 20g
Materials: 420 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, wood.

NOTE: There might be small scratches on the surface of the aluminum body similar to brushed steel; this is normal due to the Anodizing Process used.

Whats in the box?

  • 1Zpresso Q2 Hand Grinder
  • Cleaning Brush

Five Senses provides a one year warranty on all 1Zpresso grinders sold in Australia. So if you have any issues with your 1Zpresso during this period, please contact us via our contact page.


Duel-Bearing Shaft & Pentagonal Burrs

Featuring a duel-bearing shaft, this grinder is build for stability and better grind consistency. Pentagonal Stainless Steel burrs are used on this grinder for better grinding efficiency.

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Classic Internal Grind Adjustment

The grind size is adjusted with a numerically marked dial just below the burrs. 10 clear digits allow for easy dialing in, with 30 steps per rotation with a change of ~25 microns per step.

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Quick Disassembly

All 1Zpresso grinders design to be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning – without any tools or the need for re-calibration.

Find the full guide on their website here: Cleaning for Internal Adjustment Grinders

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1Zpresso Hand Grinder Comparison

Q2 JX-Pro J-Max K-Plus
Price $154 $253 $299.20 $352
Purpose/ Recommendation Filter Brewing Filter & Espresso Espresso Filter & Espresso
Burr size (mm) 38mm Stainless Steel 48mm Stainless Steel 48mm Titanium Coated 48mm Stainless Steel
Type of Adjustment Internal dial below burrs Internal dial in hopper External adjustment ring External adjustment ring
Steps per Rotation 30 40 90 90
Size of Step Adjustment ~24 microns ~12.5 microns ~8.8 microns ~22 microns
Catch-Cup Capacity 15g-20g 30g-35g 35g-40g 35g-40g
Weight 385g 780g 762g 800g
Dimensions H / W (handle) / D (body) mm 138 x 120 x 46 180 x 130 x 57 200 x 190 x 60 186 x 150 x 62
Grip Diameter 46mm 57mm 60mm 62mm
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