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Trust the Process Colombian Collection #2

“I don’t say this lightly, but I believe Colombia is on its way to becoming the specialty coffee darling of the world.”

Experimenting with processing is risky, but after 3 years of well above market prices from ourselves, Leonid Ramirez, in collaboration with the La Pradera mill and importers Cofinet, has been free to explore new flavour experiences. We’re excited to bring you these latest experiments! Out of his farm, Finca La Cortina de Hierro in Genova, Colombia, Leonid’s created three different lots, exploring the intersection between cultivars & the natural process.

This Coffee Leaf Rust resistant, highly productive cultivar released in 1982. Ripe cherries are fermented within picking bags for 15 hours before being dried on raised beds for a final 21 days. The result is a silky-sweet rockmelon entry that reduces down into sticky apricot jam. Beaut!

Colombia cultivar cherries went through a multistage fermentation, moving from sealed bags at cooler temps to hotter in a mechanical dryer & back again. The steps, aiming to increase yeast vs bacteria fermentation have resulted in a fruit salad medley with distinct pops of ripe passion fruit & a boozy rum & raisin undertone.

In the early 2000s, the Castillo cultivar was release for further productivity & disease resistance; now the single most important cultivar in Colombia. Directly comparing these lots, the Castillo was processed identically to the Colombia standard natural, resulting in a distinctively different, deeper cup: think Cherry Ripe with tart plum & a dark choc finish.

The Five Senses Tote is made from heavy cotton canvas with a reinforced shoulder strap so it’s quality and sturdiness is without question. Measuring an ample 38cms wide and 40cms long, this bad boy can fit anything and everything for all day-to-day situations.

What’s in the Collection?

This collection features 3x 250g bags of delicious Leonid Ramirez coffee showcasing the intersection between cultivars & the natural process from his farm in Genova, Colombia. Neatly packed in a limited edition Tote Bag, the Colombian Collection is a must have for anyone looking to further explore both Colombian coffee and how processing can influence the cup.


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