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An excellent espresso coffee is at the core of all café service here in Australia, so it is essential to get it right when it comes to the tools you choose to work on. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with the lovely team at Synesso since ’07 and are proud to be their exclusive Australian distributor. Hand built to order by a small team in Seattle, these espresso machines stacked to the brim with features and have been constructed with engineering excellence firmly in mind.

MVP Hydra

Building on the numerous tools provided by the MVP, the MVP Hydra offers even more ways to simultaneously increase control and repeatability in espresso making.

In addition to the universal group heads with changeable brew modes, 6 program positions per group, the new standard timer displays, and water count control, the MVP Hydra provides the ability to fine tune your coffee recipes on an even deeper level.

The original Hydra was developed to experiment with and explore the role that pressure plays in espresso extraction. Mark Barnett (Synesso Designer & Founder) redesigned the water inlet system, adding individual pumps and motors per group to make each group into its own autonomous brewing system.

Doing so meant uninterrupted pressure on every group, even in the highest volume environment.

That’s not all. Standard on the MVP Hydra is our unique bypass system that offers 4 programmable stages of pressure profiling- Preinfusion, Ramp Up, Full Pressure (9 bar extraction), and Ramp Down. You can set these stages to modify the expression of the acids, sugars, and texture of your coffee.  Using these stages allows far greater control of an espresso shot and allows the user the ability to get the very most of any particular coffee.  For more on how Pressure Ramping works, go here and click on the Pressure Profiling tab under What functions are you looking for?

Now, with the MVP technology you can perfect all of your recipes with manual control, save them to any available program position, and run them for as long as desired. If only small changes are needed, you have the ability to fine tune ANY parameter on the wired controller.  This machine does a lot.

Specifications & Features
Five Senses Coffee Five Senses Coffee


The MVP maintains the epic standards set by the Cyncra, including Synesso’s unparalleled thermal stability, user-friendly controls, and reliability. Yet, Synesso knows that consistent repeatability is the essential need for all espresso machine owners and users.

The MVP technology (patent pending) now provides incomparable tools that allow you to dial in your espresso recipes, save those parameters in seconds, and then perfectly repeat them on any group as many times as desired. With this new universal functionality, the Brew Mode can be changed at any time from full Manual Mode (M) to Manual Program Mode (MP), to Volumetric Mode (VP) at the group top level. This answers the need for volume specific dosing in cafes where speed and consistency are the paramount concerns, without sacrificing the ability to manually set various coffees to exact specifications.

You no longer have to choose between control and repeatability. You can get it all from one machine.

Easily set and saved, you can program exact water output for as many as 6 different settings per group, with the ability to enable as many or as few as you like. Synesso machines are built with exceptionally precise flow meters, allowing far greater water flow accuracy than previous volumetric machines. Their advanced software gives you the ability to add or subtract water output to meet your needs with the simple push of a button.  With these tools, a barista can finely tune their machine to produce the correct volume every time they brew, enhancing consistency, improving customer service, and reducing waste.

All of this, plus the entire list of Synesso Standard features, makes the MVP one of the most exciting, versatile, and reliable machines available.

Specifications & Features
Five Senses Coffee Five Senses Coffee


The Cyncra has been the bedrock of Synesso’s line since 2004. It is the evolution and the embodiment the Synesso Standard.

This machine rapidly gained a devoted following among baristas and café owners around the world and continues to impress today with its stability, durability and ongoing baseline improvements. With incomparable P.I.D. controlled temperature stability and independent brew tanks, it maintains its position as the true work horse of the industry. The Cyncra is the foundation. The weighty list of features makes it easy to see why this is one of the premier commercial espresso machines in the world.

Specifications & Features
Five Senses Coffee Five Senses Coffee

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