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Watermelon & Apple Cascara Soda

Five Senses CoffeeAdrian Mancuso 28 September 2017

Already dreaming of hot summer days filled with cool, refreshing beverages? Well the weather is getting warmer by the day, and we’ve found the perfect drink to accompany!

Adrian, our Victorian barista trainer, has put together a simple cascara soda recipe that hits all the summer flavour favourites (mint, check!) and is deliciously refreshing.

What you’ll need

  • Heavy based saucepan
  • 50g of Cascara
  • 1.5kg of Watermelon
  • 2 large Apples (Pink Lady)
  • 3 small Blood Oranges
  • 3 pods of Cardamom
  • Medium bunch of Mint
  • 1 litre of Apple Juice
  • Sugar to taste (optional)


  1. Cut watermelon and apples into 5cm chunks, half 3 blood oranges (or your favourite seasonal citrus fruit).
  2. Add to saucepan with fresh apple juice, a good bunch of mint (add more or less to your liking), crushed cardamom pods and 50 grams of cascara.
  3. Bring the ingredients to boil, then simmer for two hours.
  4. Optional: add sugar to taste while simmering.
  5. Strain with colander, then filter paper for a smooth texture, and bottle for later consumption. (Hint: empty wine bottles work well!)
  6. Pour into a large glass of ice, dilute with sparkling water, tonic water or your favourite mixer!

Featured in this recipe.

Cascara Tea – Santa Emilia, El Salvador

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