Juicy nectarine, plum & sugar cane sweetness with chocolatey body.

You may recognise Veer Attikan Estate, but did you know it’s divided into over 30 distinct ‘fields’ which are kept separate throughout the entire process, all the way to the final cupping and selection? While slurping through this year’s harvest, we separated our favourite lots to highlight the distinct varietal and terroir differences from across the estate. This lot, Pulphouse, named after its proximity to the processing station, is a washed processed lot from a field growing the S288 varietal. Expect juicy nectarine, plum & sugar cane sweetness with chocolatey body.

Other lots selected for release this season:

Suggested Recipe

In: 22g
Out: 44g
Time: 29sec
Temp: 95°C

From: $15.00


Get to know: Sangameshwar Coffee

Our relationship with Sangameshwar Coffee Estate dates all the way back in 2012! Sangameshwar owns and operates four different farms from different regions of India allowing for a very diverse offering list and range of coffee types; ranging from quality, variety and processing. While we predominately buy from Veer Attikan Estate, other farms from this long-standing relationship also feature in our line-up and are chosen seasonally on a quality basis.

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